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Combining design with practical functions

Made of mixed materials: ceramic, glass, stainless steel, wood

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Provide personalized customized overall solutions

20 years rich OEM&ODM manufacturing experience

Cooperates with many well-known brands

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wholesale teapots/ teacups/ mugs/kettles cups and saucers/ tea accessories

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MUG factory also provides OEM and ODM services to meet your customized teaware needs

The types of clients

mug factory serve include but are not limited to…

Professional client

Tea Brand/Tea Manufacturer/Equipment Provider

Catering chains

Tea shops
Tea houses

Household products

Home Boutique
Household shop
Kitchen Store

Customized gifts

Mid-to-high end gifts
For famous companies
For brands

What company type are we?

Mug factory strive to foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and respect. We want to create ceramics or porcelain products, services and experiences that exceed the customer's expectations, whilst at the same time trying to find ways to improve the business outcomes.

mug factory

The value of mug factory

With the establishment of a globalized multinational production and service network system, our value to customers has changed from initially providing products to providing technology and services, and will further increase to providing overall solutions, and innovation has also changed from technological innovation to value innovation. From "production-oriented manufacturing" to "service-oriented manufacturing" has become a new trend of our development.


  • We believe in innovative and functional ceramic product designs, we also believe in diversity in our suppliers
  • More importantly we believe in ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. We are constantly trying to think of ways to help our customers to achieve profitable business outcomes to cooperate with us.
  • At the same time we are also thinking of ways to protect the environment through more sustainable business practices.

Offer personalized customized full solution of teaware

Mug factory full range of products are made of various mixed materials including ceramics, glass, stainless steel, and wood, and are carefully crafted by artisans. We are confident to be one of your best quality teaware suppliers. We are committed to being a model in the industry and committed to providing the perfect tea culture experience.

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mug factory

What‘s customizable?


tea mug factory
tea set

Core strengths of mug factory

Butler service, hardcore guarantee, make you no worries and be safe

Quick communication

Quick response, professional and comprehensive product solutions, making communication easier

Accurate positioning

Accurately find the product style or demand you want, and implement an efficient production process

Design service

Offer senior designer 1vs 1 service, 3D modeling & printing services, provide the required design service  


Continues to develop and launch new products to help enhance your company’s market competitiveness

Stable quality

The production process adopts strict quality control standards to ensure product quality

Logistics Services

With more than 20 years of global export experience, providing international logistics export services

Professional team

Professional foreign trade service team and engineering technical team to provide you with full solution 

Service Guidance

Provide one-on-one VIP service guidance by dedicated account managers

Marketing material

Provide brand product promotion data package (picture/video/poster)

Worry-free after-sales

365-day worry-free replacement after-sales service

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